This I Believe

Casandra - richmond, Virginia
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe you are stronger from your falls. That you have be at the very bottom to be able to bring yourself up. I believe the past, no matter how hard, makes the future brighter and that you have to want a future to have one. I believe even more so that being close to death makes your rise all the better. That suffering makes the sun shine brighter. I believe that blood ,tears and pain are not worthless. That those late nights of tears made the heart and mind stronger. The anger and want for love affected my future. His blood, filled with drugs, is an elixir.

I believe that the dust, fire, paper and falling bodies of the towers made changes that never could’ve happened otherwise. The fear that a loved one died. Not seeing a parent for weeks at a time makes you. That finding bile where your friend once was and than erasing everything of there existence and the friends you have forget. Turns you. Makes you

I believe experiences are needed, bad and good. That the loud noises of hate affect you permanently. YOU CAN’T FORGET! Or else you’ll fall forever in darkness and never learn. Believe in the need to take it in and comfort it until you need to let it go. That hiding in music and color comforts you until you need to stand on your own. When you look down at your pillow it should be of comfort but never is.

The fake smiles become useful and artistic

The cuts heal on the outside and build your strength

The food turns to dust

But then everything turns. And you always feel weird but thankful. I believe the past makes history in us all. And I believe that fortune gives and gets throughout life.

But is beautiful no