Decisions, Decisions

Shanet - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in indecisiveness. While others may find comfort in making a quick decision and moving to the next one, I prefer to use the entire time given to me to go through the complete process of evaluating all of my options to allow any opportunity of change in mind.

Surprisingly enough, I look forward to my moments of indecision. While others may proudly have a favorite dish or drink, I have no guilt of looking through the menu many times and making the waiter come back a second time to change my order. While others may know exactly the number of pumps of vanilla they want in their coffee before even reaching the Starbucks around the corner, I look forward to standing in line and scanning every item on the menu for the umpteenth time, because maybe there’s a drink I always overlooked or maybe my mind, in the very instant the Starbucks employee asks me what I would like to order, will decide what I’m in the mood for at that time.

It is in my moments of indecision or phases that I learn the most about myself.

As a high school junior, I am hearing more and more about various colleges and the application process. Many of my friends are eager to take advantage of the increasing number of colleges offering early decision. Despite it’s popularity though, I will not be an early decision applicant when it is my turn to apply. Even if I have a school in mind, why would I give up the privilege of using the time between October and May of my senior year to change my mind at my leisure and to decide only when I finally have to buy my air ticket. Though some, including my sister, advise me to apply early decision to have a peace of mind, it would be more stressful, as a person, who can’t necessarily make a final decision before absolutely needing to, to not consider and rethink the multiple opportunities offered by other schools. This luxury, to think and rethink about all factors, would be taken away from me by applying early. In those months before May, is where I am able to reflect and learn more about what I want and about myself. It is in these periods of indecision, where I grow as a person.

Being an indecisive person does not imply that I am a procrastinator or a person who does not know what they want to achieve in life, but a person who enjoys using their time to consider the wealth of options available to them. While many may value the decision, I focus on the time leading up to the decision.