I Believe in the Ground beneath my Feet

Laura - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

At this moment the only thing I can say I truly believe in, without a doubt in my mind, is the ground beneath my feet. Whether it’s wood, tile or concrete it’s always there. It has to this very day never let me down. Always strong and sturdy no matter what I do. I can walk, run, jump and even fall and it will never disappear, never leave me hanging in the uncertainty that it’s not there. I love that feeling to know so strongly in your heart that something is real and true. You can see it and touch it but most of all confirm it for yourself. To know that at any moment while I write this I can drop my feet from this chair and find something to stand on can be so comforting when everything around you is so confusing and complicated. I’m only sixteen so believing in things is easy but holding on to them for considerable amounts of time is pretty tricky. My little world is expanding and I don’t know what to believe in sometimes. Things and people change and I feel like if the ground were to be gone there would be nothing left that made any kind of sense. How many other things in your life can you say you have that much faith in? Even my family pulls the rug from beneath my feet sometimes but the ground is always there to catch me. My friends are always leaving my jumping from the airplane without a parachute. I fall with the certainty of the pain that I will get when I reach the ground but I know it’s there so I can pick up my scattered pieces and rebuild myself into a better and more solid person when I do hit. I may sound crazy but that doesn’t change the fact that for sixteen years the ground has never missed one appointment to meet my feet.