This I Believe

Desiree - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

God gave to me hands to write down our epic; our crossing of souls in this life. A life where my love for another seemed impossible, and my to ability care was tested. God gave me random thoughts of a foolish love as to believe that my heart could embrace another. God then gave to me a soul that was dark enough to need a light as bright as him to get through those bad days. Those days when my attitude was real rude, when I lost all sight of what I could possibly be doing that’s was in God’s will. I have found who God has ordained to be my joy through storms, my kiss of rain drops through the drought and my sweetness when life becomes a bitter journey. God has given me Boomer, my four legged fuzzy love. My small big love. My friend. My companion. My buddy. My smile factory. My laugh maker.

Ultimately a blessing, my blessing I find at my feet when I wake in the morning, ready to tackle the day right along side me. I find him in my arms when the movies get scary. I find him waiting in my bed when I get home. On Sunday mornings I find him awaiting his walk with a blue leash in his mouth, I find him wagging his tail, burying random things, and sniffing trees for days. Him eyes provide forgiveness from my sins and proof I can care for another; I can provide for another. Proof I can give of myself unselfishly. I believe that having something to love so much, so strongly, so passionately has made me a better person. Having something like a dog to love me, need me, have to have me, has gives me a priceless value. Has given me the power to give, without needing him to say “thank you”.