This I Believe

Jennifer - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


No one person on this earth is the same, everybody has different styles, different attitudes, different everything so why should their “religions” be different as well. Many people believe in Jesus Christ, in evolution, est. but in this case my belief lies in reincarnation. I guess this belief sprouted from my sisters interest in these kinds of things. Ever since my dad died it seems that she has always been looking for some type of hope that yes he’s still with us and is looking after us. Unlike me who, since I was so young when it happened, have accepted the fact that he’s gone and moved on with my life. In between all these weird and lets face it creepy books of “Life on the Other Side” by Silvia Brown she came upon reincarnation. In one of these books it explained how everything worked. Curious I read some of it and began to realize that it seemed logical what she was talking about and about this process.

Why should we just die and that’s when life ends. For many people its either you die or go to heaven, but lets face it with the many people that have died it seems logical that heaven would have been full by now. I know what some people are thinking right now, that heaven is infinite and everybody can live there, well I’m sorry but that’s what I think. Anyway in reincarnation this is what happens, you live your life to the fullest extent here on earth and then you die, cause that can’t be stopped. After you die your soul leaves your body and awaits its time for another body in which to be born in anew. Each body, every surrounding, even the people who will be with you are chosen for the purpose of helping you on your quest. This quest is learning lessons, what I mean by this is that your whole existence on this earth is to learn about the mistakes made. Every new life is governed by a different lesson.

Your surroundings may always change but the people around you remain the same, this is probably were soul mates comes from. The same people that you live with now ,when the time comes, you will live with again except in different circumstances. The person who is your mother now may have been in another lifetime your daughter or sister depending on what is needed to fulfill the learning of that lesson. These lessons may include the hardships of love, patience, wisdom everyday things. From my point of view it seems logical that these things may be true, but like with other religions all you can have is faith, and wait for the time when you’ll know if all of this is true or just a sham. For the time being this is my belief despite the fact that it’s not my moms, my friends, or even my family.