This I Believe

Meheret - USA
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“This I Believe…”

As a teenager with so much drama and so many regrets in my life, I sometimes begin to wonder why I just can’t rewind to the past and press play all over again. I know that being a teenager is not always the easiest task, because life is often going to be full of mistakes and this is why I believe in being able to receive a clean start in life. This belief applies to me and my best friend’s friendship, in which we were able to start clean and really understand ourselves and how to improve our communication with each other.

When we initially became friends, my best friend and I were complete opposites, and we didn’t realize this until we reached the point of drama. We always thought we were twins if not long lost sisters, but we barely just met and knew so little of each other, until one event that almost ended our friendship. As soon as hostility began to rise, we started not speaking to each other for a good two to three weeks, until we realized we never had a chance to talk about our situation. When we encountered each other about our situation, we came to recognize that we were actually more alike that opposite because we ended up stating the same facts about each other, which came as a big surprise to the both of us. As an ending of our quarreling, we made an agreement to start all over again, in hopes of becoming best friends until the end.

Obtaining a fresh start in my friendship allowed me to gain a better understanding in the meaning of “ best friends until the end,” because my best friend and I now communicate better before and always comfort each other during desperate times we face in our lives. I wish to no longer live a life filled with “ I Should’ve’s and I Would’ve’s,” and be almost satisfied with what I’ve become from my clean beginning and intuition because I know I will never become whole heartedly satisfied, but come awfully close with a good friend by my side.