This I Believe

Brandon - Cenntenial, Colorado
Entered on October 15, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family

This I believe essay

When I think about all the rough times I have they all can come back and relate to one thing ,the death of my dad. I believe in recovering from suffering from a lose. When I was growing up some things were harder than others, my dad would always help me out he was my strength when something was wrong. I would learn everything from him he will always be my greatest role model I have ever had. When all this got taken away from me I fell down and everything seemed to be completely ruined. Everyone suffers in there life in many different forms so I defiantly was not alone, especially since I had my two brothers my mom and a lot of family and friends on my side facing the same pain I was. Recovering after a terrible event is hard even to comprehend that your loved one is actually gone then how much your life will change without him. I can remember the night when he got really sick he was in so much pain its indescribable my mom was trying to comfort him but as an 8 year old I was like what is happening to my dad why would someone do something to him. I had to call 911 and try to explain what is happening to him. Then after seven days of being in the hospital I get picked up from school by my aunt I asked her “why aren’t we going to the hospital to visit dad” she replies o you want to go there. Off course I want to go there, but when I arrive I get told he has died I didn’t get to say last words to my on father but he had some for me. They off course were I love you. Words could never describe what I was thinking when this happen I had never faced something this tragic. Somehow with the love and support of everyone I could actually get back to a normal state of mind, at least the best it could be. After all this I do believe in recovering from suffering after a loss.