This I Believe

Yesenia - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: good & evil

I myself am too young to be wise. At this tender age of seventeen, I cannot comprehend what lies ahead and so to me the meaning of life is really how a child would think of it. My beliefs about the world have formed from stories and tales I have heard from my mother or those I make up while riding peacefully in a car. I believe that within the soul lies both good and evil. I see it everywhere, especially within myself.

This incredibly complex, beautiful earth is a work of God created to perfection, and probably not the only one. If there exists a God and angels and saints then there has to be a satan and demons and witches because the mere existence of good establishes the existence of evil. People, the supernatural, and the alien can be both good and evil.

In me, I find good every time I make people laugh or start talking to the lonely child in the corner. There is a special, unexplainable feeling I get when I make someone smile or even when they smile back at me. I feel it sometimes when I give without being asked. The proof of good is the affection others and I have for one another and a constant belief in love.

Evil is not opaque to me. It is so clear I can almost touch it. It is the way I feel when I am outraged and the hate, jealousy, selfishness and sin I produce. It settles behind every single malignant thought. Sometimes I do not realize it is there until it is too late. I wish it wasn’t there but I know I wasn’t made perfect. I was made with a little bit of everything just like everyone else. That is what terrifies me. I know I am not the only one with this quality. All people who I love and care about have it. I have seen this ability in them too. This trait has been passed down for generations. Will it ever stop?

In conclusion, I believe life is a struggle between good and evil. In my journey through life, I hope to rid myself of all evil that lingers inside me by converting it to an outcast in my mind.