Different Beliefs

Guillermo - tracy, California
Entered on October 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I come from a Hispanic culture, I was born in another country with different ideologies. Family is really important in my culture and this has an effect on my daily life. Since my childhood I have learned different aspects of my culture, such as morals and how to conduct myself. I believe that culture has a great effect on the way I act and think.

My parents have taught me their beliefs and the way I should conduct myself. They have taught me that family is very important. Being in the United States I saw the diversity of people and cultures. I see the way they are, the way they act, and other aspects that are not necessarily the same things that I’m used to see or do.

When I go to school I consider myself as being different from others, I say this because my culture makes me different. I have friends like any other person and when I’m among them I look the same but I’m really not. I feel that I have more responsibilities than some other people because my culture demands more of me. I have to act in a good way because if I do something wrong, not only I affect myself but also my family. The hopes of my family are placed on me and if I fall they also fall with me.

Being the only boy out of four children, I have the responsibility to help my siblings and parents. I work very hard at school because I want to progress in life and help my family. My parents trust me and they expect me to do my best. The advises that I get from my parents are ‘behave in a appropriate way’, ‘do the best you can’, ‘be careful’, etc. I really think that these advices are important because they make me see how much they love me and at the same time they make me be a better person.

I consider my culture special because families are very united, unlike some families in some other cultures. I have seen cultures in which families are not as united as the one that I come from. I have seen that in some cultures when people turn 18 they become adults, they have to be responsible for their selves, and they have to respond for their own actions. In my culture the being 18 is not really important, they also become adults but all it matters is being in a family helping each other.

I do believe that culture plays a major role in my life and I feel that it is really important