This I Believe

Sean - Littleton, Colorado
Entered on October 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Religion, faith, and the afterlife, these have always been controversial subjects. It has started wars, destroyed empires, and has scared even the hardiest man. The most well known example is the crusades which was a famous war fought over Christianity. I believe in god, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, and near death experiences.

There are many types of religions Christianity, atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism and much more. Every one of these religions or beliefs has a different afterlife. For some, you go to heaven or hell based on your actions, others you may be reincarnated into another animal, and more gruesomely you suicide bomb and in the afterlife you receive a certain amount of virgins. The afterlife subject has always sparked debate between people.

All my life I have been terrified about the after life. Being a catholic I believe in Heaven and Hell. It scares me to think about being denied eternal salvation. The thing that scares me even more is that when I die there might not be an afterlife. There might not be a god, that there might not be a reincarnation that you live once and that is it that one you die you are just another dead body.

I had experienced the fact of death at a very young age. When I was 5 years old my friend Allouete was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Though she fought hard she died at the age seven. This was very tough for me to come to the truth that people can be lost so easily. At such a young age I did not understand how to cope with the fact of death and the after life. Growing up I had researched the different religions and what they believed what would happen to you in that afterlife. Some afterlives seemed more like punishments to me then rewards but I would not argue it.

A few years ago something in my life had happened. Though I will not go into detail about the subject, I will tell you that I had fallen unconscious due to a certain amount of medicine that I took. While in that state many things happened I had an odd dream of angels’ friends that had past away. It felt like a near death experience when a voice in a tunnel talked to me and asked me if I would come with it or go back home. I obviously chose to come back but it really enlightened me and helped me keep my faith and help cement my belief of heaven.

While growing up I had always been haunted about the afterlife and death and even growing old. Though it seems like a curse to me it is also a blessing. It helps me live my life to the fullest and never to regret anything. I believe that every person should be afraid of what comes after death I certainly do. It helps me think though a little frightening at times it can really help put a perspective on life.