This I Believe

Clare - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: children

I believe in eternal youth. Adults and children, no matter what age, are young at heart. I believe that all elderly people are just crazy teenagers trapped in decrepit bodies. I also believe that small children will always have their wild nature, just eventually (and hopefully), a more mature nature will grow along with that little child inside of them.

My grandfather, who recently died of heart failure at age 92, was completely and surprisingly sane, but more than anything he still acted youthful even in his old age. He didn’t have control of his legs, confining him to a wheelchair the last 6 years of his sustained life, but he never let that stop him. He would crack jokes that my family has labeled “Bob jokes,” and every so often someone announces one just at the right moment and I will laugh hysterically for a few moments and remember him and his active spirit. In the last few months of Bob’s life the little jokester inside of him started to fade, and that’s when I knew that I should start preparing myself for the end.

I believe that once the child dies in you, that’s when your life is truly over. There are some people who lose that child once they hit adulthood, and they are the people who are never truly happy after childhood.

For me, children are truly what make the world continue to turn. If there were no children people would forget how to be young. There is a movie called Children of Men. All the women on earth have suddenly become infertile. The whole movie is about a woman who is miraculously impregnated. The whole world is in mass chaos, but when she gives birth and is walking with the crying child through a crowded area filled with outlaws and policemen, they all stop around her to hear the cries. Every person is overjoyed, because they haven’t heard the cry of a child in over 20 years. The movie ends with the laughter of children which is overpowering, because throughout the entire movie you haven’t heard laughter. It brings joy to your heart. That movie really is so powerful because it allows you to see a world without youth, one that is dull and lifeless. It is not a world I want to live in.