This I Believe

Dennis - oklahoma city, Oklahoma Chile
Entered on October 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: peace

War and peace are controversial; the problem concerning the balance between them is an enduring debate that still rages on today. The country addressed as the United States is in the midst of an unexpected crisis. We must stop this, for if no action is taken, the small flame that is today may escalate to the point where it uncontrollably becomes a great wildfire. Why do we as nations not perceive each other as equals? Why must competition amongst our earth’s nations be widespread? I believe in pacifist domination and the sanctity of life.

I believe in a certain domination of pacifists. Life is too short to become entangled in a full- scale conflict. The nations of the present day should have by now understood the consequences of war by now. Who wishes to lose the millions of lives the Great War and its sequel did all over again in another escalated conflict such as these? War will amount to nothing aside from more enemies in the world and the loss of possibly millions. Only through an adoption of strong pacifist majority in the US, the country may end vulnerability to large- scale war.

I also believe in the scanty of life. The human life should be perceived as eternally sacred; pride of a nation should be out of the question. One of my good friend’s dad has left for war as a researcher. Now, the man has been, as a result, instituted into the front line army. He is now in jeopardy. Human life should come first, not pride.

In conclusion, I urge you to fight for pacifist domination and scanty of life. If not, this country may become open to a world war three. How terrible would that be?