This I Believe

Erica - Middlebury, Vermont
Entered on October 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: peace, tolerance

This I Believe

Accepting people who are different should be everyone’s belief. Because of the controversy all over the United States, equality is hard to earn. People of disabilities, race, gender, religion, and poverty, all are treated very inhumane. This isn’t something that is ever right, by what I Believe. Whether it is in the work force or in the grocery store, no one treats each other with respect. Being that this country has put itself in this state of mind (due to –Lack Of- by the presidents) it will never end. When you listen to the news, or even read the news paper, you will see that this country will not let it’s discrimination stay within the borders, no of course not, that would be too easy to fix. I Believe, that by accepting people who are different, we would have a much better country and we wouldn’t need to worry about poverty. Every culture would work together in providing all of the country’s needs as needed.

When the terms: ‘The good of Peacekeeping is Through War”- is said, it really is stating that (according to the Webster Dictionary): “The Discriminations of peacekeeping and Democracy is through War”- It is a false and negative statement used many times. When it really should state: “Positive Peacekeeping is without Democracy and with Love through the people”.

If we accepted people who are different, I believe that this country would really focus on what is happening here, more than in Iraq. All the people that live in poverty would be more recognized. Instead of cutting back welfare of the people to make more weapons, the president should be cutting back the weapons to welfare the people. Everything is backwards and not moving forward. I Believe, this country can strengthen itself and build this country’s immunity with the people. By this we can help each other live and survive. I Believe, then we will all be equals. No more of this Rich/ Poor, Black/ White, We are one, “UNITED” in this country.

Also by accepting people who are different you also learn new and wiser things that will accelerate you into a much healthier person- Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically. Being healthy is important for all, because I believe we will rise up from these terrible times of poverty. To do this we must come together and work together through peace and harmony.