This I Believe

Shoshana - Chevy Chase, Maryland
Entered on October 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in bubble wrap. I believe in the pop, squish, and overall comfort one gains from this incredible packaging material. No other material quite compares: not cardboard, not foam, not Styrofoam peanuts. No, I don’t believe there is anything like it. Sometimes I find myself having bubble wrap cravings. I just need to have my fix of jumping on that oh so comforting and satisfactory material. I need to hear that ever so loud pop; feel the bubbles burst, and more importantly make my heart go thump. Yes, I have to admit that even after all my years of bubble wrap popping, I still become frightened at the loud sound created by this joyous and widely celebrated material. Actually, I’m a bit surprised by how a bubble wrap cult has still yet to be formed. I know that whenever I’m caught with my bubble wrap, friends and family flock from all corners of the Earth to gather and watch. They all want a little piece of heaven. It seems that the bubbles are a bit of a magnet; they attract who’s ever closest and bring them in. Like a spider in its web, I bring in the “prey” with my all purpose bubble wrap. But not only is bubble wrap truly amazing, it just so happens to be social. Because bubble wrap is loved by all it creates a connection with everyone I meet. It stands for the friendships I’ve made in the past and then new ones that have still yet to be begun. Bubble wrap stands as common ground between others and myself and it just so happens that another important issue that I believe in is the power of friendship. I believe that friends are one of the most important aspects of life. They help guide you through life and are always there at life’s toughest moments. If bubble wrap has the ability to steer me towards new and additional friendships, then it is definitely something that I whole heartedly believe in. Bubble wrap has so many fantastic qualities besides being a widely overlooked packaging material. It brings bliss into peoples lives and most importantly makes life all that more enjoyable. Bubble wrap: It’s not just a UPS goldmine, it’s a way of life.