This I Believe

Lauren - Amherst, Massachusetts
Entered on October 13, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I Believe In Succeeding Because You’ve Worked For It

I am a graduating college senior, and as of now, I have to focus on getting a job. I could settle for an entry-level position, or I could struggle for a few more months as an unpaid intern in an attempt to make connections. Either way, I can’t just slide into the music industry; it’s just not that easy.

You’re always told that the experience you have is what will get you places, but is that true? Will my experience get me a job before someone who “knows someone?”

I believe in making it because you’ve worked for it, not because you know people.

I am a student journalist, and last summer I applied for highly competitive internships at high profile publications. I wound up interning at a small local newspaper, which took me on, not because I knew someone, but because I had good clips and recommendations.

Sometimes starting small is better than jumping right in. While aiming big always has its advantages, settling for something less can have a better turn out. The small start I got, while it wasn’t my first choice, was the best direction I could have gone in. In the course of inching my way up, I have become a great deal better at journalism and more confident in myself. Some would say that would make me a better candidate than someone with a connection.

I have tried to pull that “who I know” card myself, but my minor connections were never strong enough to get me anywhere. If the professional world is only opening its doors to people who have connections, how is a small town girl like myself going to make it?

Some say luck plays a big part in life. I will admit that luck isn’t something I experience too often. The work I have done has connected me in one-way or another, but I still have a lot ahead of me. Sometimes working hard for your goal is more impressive than networking your way into it. It shows strength, determination, and above all a sense of confidence. I believe that the hard work I have done will lead me to the success I dream of.