This I Believe

Allison - Kyle, Texas
Entered on October 13, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life has always been a challenge; everyones always trying to find the definition.

I believe that life will never be fair, no matter what. You will always be judged. We dont get to choose how easy we want it in the beginning, to make it better in the end. But the hard begginging makes us stronger in the end. Not all of us get a good life, wich affects the rest, thats why you have to look ahead. “We gotta start making changes” said Tupac Shakur. We will never make that possible, unless the world works as a team. We are all our own different kin, dont try to change anyone, they will be who they want and we have to work with that. Racism, style, what you have, your personality, and the people you hang out with are a big part of what we are judged by. In the inside we are all born the same, just not of what we see. Most of us just concentrate on what people think, not what we think of our selves. All of us dont even understand ourselves, so it makes us harder to show who we are to others. You just do what you have to do and be yourself.

Attitude is a part of everything. If you dont care, it wont be as easy. If we all would care; we would make the world a better place. Life is just a big game; you play how you like, just dont lose.