This I Believe

Julianne - Hamburg, New York
Entered on October 12, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: hope

This I believe…

I believe in fairy tales. The once-upon-a-times, the memories of the brick house I lived in that couldn’t be blown down by any wolf. My days consisted of following the yellow brick road that led from my house to other castles, climbing up vines, and running away from giants.

I believe in magic potions and spells – being captivated by something so great and then all of a sudden -“poof”- it’s gone.

I believe that looks can be deceiving and what I thought was a beast was actually a prince, and what I thought was a sweet, old lady, was actually a witch, and the gingerbread house didn’t nearly seem so sweet.

I believe in shining knights – the kind that defend the weak, stick up for the quiet, and fight for what’s good in this world. I believe that sometimes these heroes will die.

I believe that sitting on the wall is dangerous and even though I fell, I wasn’t that fragile that I couldn’t be put back together again.

I believe in taking chances – kissing a frog and finding a prince.

And sometimes when I worry that the sky is falling, I realize that it’s nothing more than an acorn.

And, of course, I still believe that goodness will always prevail – although after watching many a Buffalo Bills football game, I begin to wonder.

Finally, as I sit on my couch and cuddle with my own little princes, reading them stories of beanstalks and broomsticks, I see their amazement and wonder if they know they are in my fairytale. And it is then that I really know and I really believe that there is a happy ever after.