This I Believe

Dustin - Live Oak, Texas
Entered on October 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: equality

I believe in a light brown world of equality. I say light brown because I believe that if we were to mix all the ethnicities in the world today we would have a sort of light brown skin color. However, I am not saying that I believe we should all pull together to form one uniform ethnicity, but rather we should all be able to see each other as light brown equals.

I believe that the amount of money I am given or required to pay for college should not be based on the color of my skin. My acceptance into a school and the scholarships I receive to that school should be based on who I am, my intelligence and how hard I have worked to be where I am today. Instead part of my admission is based solely on useless statistics, recording if I am a majority, or minority in the population. I am a white male with a 3.5 GPA, nothing more or less.

Even our history is divided based on racial ethnicity. We spend time celebrating Black History Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month when instead we should just be celebrating our history and accomplishments together as a united society. As a white male I feel my history is just as valuable African American history or Hispanic History, and yet I do not believe my history deserves a month to itself. Instead I would prefer it if my history was deemed important enough to just be combined with black history month and Hispanic heritage month. Until we can accept our history as a whole we will continuer to categorize our history based on skin color, and further widen the gap between races.

I believe that the unity of light brown will eliminate racial terms. No longer will my friends and I be put down by racial terms like cracker, nigger, chink, or spik. There are undoubtedly racist among every racial denomination and there might continue to be for a long time. However, the day when we can see ourselves as equals and light brown I hope that this unnecessary racism can be stopped.

Skin color should not be the deciding factor in any decision. If we are all created equally as human beings we should be seen equally.