This I Believe

Mitchell - Georgetown, Texas
Entered on October 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

I believe in getting all banged up. Being injured teaches life lessons necessary for success. Every time I prosper, I look back and realize there was an injury that led me to where I am. When I talk about getting hurt I am referring to the physical pain that accompanies injuries, big ones.

I believe in having fun. I have been active as long as I can remember. I went through so many band-aids that my mom stopped putting them on me. I scraped my knees climbing trees and hunting frogs in the local creek. Because I was hurt so much when I was little, I have no fear of doing dangerous things. With no fear of pain I also had no fear of failure. These qualities led me to do things most kids would never consider trying.

I believe in take the first jump off a new ramp. In fifth grade I went to San Antonio to visit my cousins and grandparents. One cousin, four years older than me, and I built a ramp to jump his bike. After we finished building it I volunteered to take the first jump. I wanted everyone to think I was cool to be the first one to land it. I crashed, and it hurt but no broken bones. I got up and tried again and again until I was able to get it. It felt so good to finally connect with the ground and glide through smoothly. From this injury I learn persistence no matter the consequences.

I believe in doctors’ advice. In seventh grade right in the middle of basketball season I broke my finger in half. The bone broke all the way across and hung limp to the side. I had to have it set and put in a cast. I wanted to get back on the floor but the league would not let me because I had a hard cast. This injury taught me patience. If I tried to come back to soon the chance of re-injuring my finger was greatly increased. I waited all five weeks to get my cast off and by doing so my finger heeled correctly.

I believe in trying a 360 before landing a 180. In high school I began to skate more aggressively. When it comes to skating, if you are not falling you are not challenging yourself. I fell all the time. I was always covered in road rash. Sometimes I would fall so hard I would be too sore to skate the next day. Skating taught me the best lesson in reference to being hurt. You can only get better when you take risks. You have to be willing to fall before you fly. This applied to me in every aspect of life. My risks were equal to my rewards, good and bad. Getting hurt sucks, but it is only through this process that I am who I am today. I believe in the power of injuries.