This I Believe

Talitha - Anchorage, Alaska
Entered on October 12, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

With all the wrong things in the world, everyone can’t pay attention to all the voices crying out for help. The world is a very stressful place with a constant increase in society’s growth. I believe that getting a hug helps to get through the rough times. The expectations are limitless. There’s always that one thing a person could be doing better. It maybe that physics test or that political science paper that was typed up an hour before class started. It could even be the way a sentence was formed that could have ruined a person’s mood unintentionally. Either way I find that receiving something as little as a hug can lift my spirits.

When I was in high school there were problems everywhere that my friends were burdened with. Some found them consumed in drug use while others decided skipping class to go to the McDonalds down the road to grab a burger was better. I was constantly hearing stories of the wrong decisions that were made from previous weekends because gossip seems to be a disease with its rapid spread through out the campus. There was always this one girl who skipped school and got into a car accident or that one boy who was failing all his classes for his second year as a senior. I’m not trying to say that everything was bad, but the bad usually finds it way of sticking out more that the good.

My problems were trivial compared to those around me. Even when there were two weeks left to study for a physics test I’d still unnecessarily worry. I can’t hid how I feel and my little brother, Daniel, has mastered my sense and thought processes. He is my remedy for worries.

My eyebrow might get closer, my eyes might look down, and my constant smile would disappear into my troubles. It could be that my friends were worrying me or I was stressed out about having to grow up and know at that moment what I planned on doing for my life. Then Daniel would walk over to me as if he had known at that moment I wasn’t happy. Before I know it, he’s got his little arms wrapped around me. I feel the tension ease away like a light breeze finally finding its way through an open window that desperately needed fresh air.

I envy how simple he finds a cure for things like giving hugs. I enjoy playing with him because he’s young enough to not be consumed in the problems all over the world. All he worries about is how he’s going to make his next for with two blankets instead of the usual three. If that’s all I had to worry about I’d still enjoy a small hug to be relieved.

After watching him hug me and grin at me with a missing tooth, that’s hiding under a pillow for the tooth fairy, it’s hard not to be even happier.