This I Believe

Erin - Bridgman, Michigan
Entered on October 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18 defines dreams as a wild fancy or hope, but they are more than that. Dreams have no true definition. That is what is so wonderful about dreams. The fact that dreams keep people going is what is so amazing.

What is my dream? Why do I have it? Why is it so important to me? That’s hard to say. I guess my dream is to have a dream. I have had many dreams come true, but made me happier than the one that I have now. My most recent dream come true is getting to work at Halloween USA. I love it there. I can’t think of a better job that I could have or want to have, other than being a voice actor in Texas. I love my job. Fantasy has always been up my alley but this makes my imagination soar to new heights. I usually work in the children’s costumes. I have it memorized where everything goes. On the islands are the “big name” costumes such as Hanna Montana, Barbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Naruto, and others. The islands also have the toddler and baby costumes. On the left for boys and on girls are the ‘scary’ costumes. Then it gets more into the job costumes for boys and into the costumes that I personally don’t think little girls should be looking at. They are a little to skimpy for five to eight year olds.

I held on to the dream of getting the job because I wanted it so bad. James, my boss, liked my personality and passion for the job. When I went in for the first time I was afraid that I wouldn’t get the job. On the phone, he said he needed to talk to me about the fact that I was in high school, and that he doesn’t generally hire high school students. He was shocked that I was as young as I am. (what a complement) He was amazed at the way I presented myself. I am so mature for my age, or so he told me. So now I have the job and I wish it was more than a seasonal job. My coworkers are so awesome. Cheris is so friendly even though she seems unapproachable at first. Daniel is so gay. I am not insulting him In both ways for the word to be taken. He is so happy. He will give you an honest opinion of how a costume looks with out trying to hit on you or sneak a glance at your boobs. Crystal is, wild and out spoken. That’s what I like about her. If she has an opinion she will let you have it. And last but not least is James. He is a whole different assignment by himself, or just different.

One of my dreams came true and yours can too. This I believe.