This I Believe

Rachael - The Woodlands, Texas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe I have a future, even if it ends tomorrow. Yes, I know; it sounds a touch morbid. But true, right? We are always told to live our lives to the fullest, everyday is the best day ever, and every second of every hour of every week counts more than we will ever know. If we do tomorrow, will we feel the same sense of accomplishment we would feel if we died 20 years from now? 50? We may accomplish what we want to, but is that enough? There’s always something else, something we wanted to do but never did. Yes, I would be sad if I did pass away tomorrow for there is so mush I want to do, have planned, need to see. But I believe it will be alright if I don’t survive long enough to see the lights on Broadway, visit New Zealand, or save a child in Africa. I have a future, even if it’s not on earth. My timeline would continue but not end in heaven. There I can watch other people’s futures and smile as they live on in their futures, just as I had wanted to in mine. I believe in my future oh yes, but I believe above all, in my life.

I believe in fairy tales.

I believe in life, love, and other mysteries.

I believe in true love.

I believe in destiny.

I believe in free will.

I believe in God.

I believe in change.

I believe in big words that always have the hidden meaning we cannot see until we are experiencing them.

I believe the stars in the sky do hold power over our wishes.

I believe the look in her eyes.

I believe her smile.

I believe in ice cream as the cure for depression.

I believe dogs are better than cats.

I believe that even though dogs are better, cats are still smarter.

I believe in light and dark.

I believe true art is found in finger-painting,

I believe in flying.

I believe in all those childhood beliefs that make adulthood seem narrow-minded and lost.

I believe in myself, for the sake of myself.

I believe in my family, that someday we might change and notice how broken we are and there is still time to fix our lives.

I believe in the stage, performing, and passion for that performance.

I believe in the audience.

I believe that dying is easy, it’s just living that scares me to death.

I believe to play my part in a universal emotion.

I believe in the ability to save a man.

I believe in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John

I believe that diamonds are not a girls best friend, they just last longer than men do.

I believe in stress.

I believe in colorblind people.

I believe because I have to.

I believe in expression.

I believe that rain can wash away the permanent stains on one’s soul. Just try dancing in it, just try and trust me, it helps.