I believe in Choices

Gigi - Marietta, Georgia
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There are many decisions to be made in this world, and I believe that we as intelligent human beings should be able to make our own. I’m not just referring to pro-choice or pro-gay, I’m referring to all aspects of our lives. Not only do I Believe in choice but I also believe that no one should be judged for the choices they make. No one should feel scuntinized for the choices they make, but judged on the quality of their soul. I do not feel that there is a right and wrong way to do something. I feel that there is your own personal way of doing it. Choice is something that we as Americans must deal with on a daily basis. In fact our whole constitution was based on making our own choices and not having some overbearing king, and his parliament dictate us.

Choice is something taken for granted until it becomes unavailable. It ‘s hard to imagine a world without choice. But without realizing, many children my age don’t make their own choices. They let the media influence them drastically. Or worse they let some illegitamate talent like Paris Hilton tell them what is cool and what is “hot”. It’s totally insane! We let other people make our decisions for us. And we never use our own perfectly capable brains to decide what we like and don’t like. Choice goes deeper than what Chanel bag to wear to school today. It goes as far as how we view people because of what an ancient book told us was right.

I’m not gay, but I believe that gay people should have equal rights to things such as marriage and adoptions just like straight people. The bottom line is that who your married to is nobody else’s business but your own. It does not hurt you; therefore, you have no say on whether it’s right or wrong. Just because some thousand-year-old book said it was wrong, doesn’t make it true.

Only you can make your own decision that fits you and your lifestyle. No one else should try to push his or her beliefs or choices on your plate. An argument should not arise every time someone brings up the war, love, or anything. I believe that we should all respect each other’s opinions and beliefs. We should all realize that the world does not revolve around our opinion, and give a little respect. But that’s your choice to make.