This I Believe

Rodeo - 77469, Texas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Music is very important. For many years different cultures have had their own music. To me music is everything; I believe that it has many different purposes. It can calm the soul it can also lift up the soul. One of the most effective ways that music has is telling a story.

Music can be used for expressing oneself. When I am on stage I can let the audience fill what I’m felling just by playing. Most musicians have a one on one relationship with there instrument it can take you the places that you can’t explain. One time I was playing for this group and I had a bass solo that I was going to perform. I didn’t know what I was going to play so when I got on stage all I was thinking of was the solo. When the time came I played one of the finest and heart warming solos I’ve ever played. It meant a lot to me because it was the same month that my dad past away. The solo was unique because it wasn’t what I had practiced, that all comes from the one on one relationship with your instrument.

Music is an international language. I’ve played with a lot of musicians that I didn’t know what they were saying, but when the started to play I knew exactly where they where they wanted to go with the music. It’s cool because you can go all over the world and have a musical conversation with different people.

In everyday life there is music everywhere: when you turn on the computer, your cell phone, TV, and many other things. Without music the world would be unexciting. Music just makes the world go around. Music has a lot of power when you are watching a scary movie you can just about tell when something is about to happen just by the change in music. Every object has its own unique sound when a door slams you know what happened.

Music helps people in many different ways. You could have had a bad day but when you put in you favorite song everything seems to come together. Or you may just listen to a song that takes you back to a time in your mind and for those few minutes you feel like you’re right back in that moment. That’s the power of music. Music has the ability to change your whole day. You listen to different music when you fell different was. When I’m sad all I have to do is turn on B.B King “Thrill Is Gone” and it makes me feel a lot better. Victor Wooten, Marcus Miller, and Nathan East will always make my day better.

No matter whom you are, or your age you can understand music. Music is something that is just in your body. There’s no such thing as not knowing how to dance. Dancing is what you feel. However it helps to have rhythm. Have notice that most people can’t tell you the words of a song but they can tell you how the beat goes that’s the power of music. Music is everywhere and well always well the power in music is what I believe.