Hard Work

Beau - Bellville, Texas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Work is something many people have in common. Hard work is a character trait that few people share. Hard work is what separates us as a society; it separates the rich from the poor, the strong from the weak, and the confident from the timid. It can mean the difference between a house in the hills or a shack in the slums. Hard work is setting a goal and striving as hard as you can to match or surpass that goal. You get what you put in, that is a especially true about hard work.

Hard work and dedication go hand in hand. Anyone can be dedicated to something, but hard work can mean that you wish to conquer that thing. There may be no greater feeling than setting a goal and mastering it. The self confidence that you can gain may sky rocket you into a state of nirvana. Even though this feeling may be brief the reward can be insurmountable be it an A in a course, a final touchdown, or just becoming closer to your family. This triumph should be something everyone strives for no matter how big or small.

No one claims that this path will be easy. With all great victories there is a speed bump in the road called adversity. Adversity is a demon everyone will face at one point in there life. Adversity can make you want to quit and give up but, that would be too easy. Anyone can quit but, only the strong and dedicated can make it through. There will always be something distracting you from the task at hand, someone calling you to party when you’re trying to study or just watching television instead of doing something productive. Adversity is everywhere and hard work would not be called hard work without it.

The love for something is a weapon you can use on the way to your goal. Love for a goal is something that makes hard work worth it. If you enjoy what you are doing then it will become much easier. A passion for a goal can drive you to success quicker than hating it can. The reward of hard work will be much greater when you truly love what you are doing.

Hard work is an awesome thing if you are willing to dedicate yourself to it. It can be your rise or fall depending on what you put into it. Like most things the more you put in the more you get out. Hard work is a great thing to be apart of. Everyone in their life should give hard work a try, you will not regret the outcome.