This I Believe

Edwin - Houston, Texas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

What I Believe…?

It was a busy day coming back from a family vacation. Florida was great. It couldn’t be any better than going to Disney World and enjoying the perfect weather at the beaches. The trip only lasted for 4 days and 3 nights. On the last day we started to head back to Houston getting ready to go back to the usual. Before I left my grandmother made me promise her that I would be successful in life so I can enjoy life like going to vacations like this one.

On the road, my mother was driving her car while my father drove my uncle’s car behind us. I rode with my mother who had my grandmother and my cousins. The trip was long and was pretty dark. I was getting tired and sleepy but still excited to go back home. Crossing through a busy intersection an 18 wheeler ran the red light and crash into my mother’s car, injuring everybody and killing my grandmother. Instant right before the impact, I was lying against the window and was about to go to sleep.

As soon as the vehicle crashed I flew out the window breaking the glass with my head. I landed near the rear end of the 18 wheeler almost being crushed by the screeching tires of the trailer. I survive the accident with a minor cut in my head and with a few glass still stuck in my skull. The hospital immediately removed the glass out of my head before it got infected. I got several stitches holding my cut in place. My doctors say that it was a miracle that I survived that accident but I believe that I had a purpose in life to achieve all my goals, in which I promised my grandmother right before she passed away during the accident.