This I Believe

Joanna - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

“This I Believe”

To look and speak to me you would not know that I was born with several learning disabilities.

From the beginning, I was a late bloomer. Things that came easy to others I had to work ten times harder for. My Mom and Dad never had to deal with a child with learning disabilities. My older sisters were all bright, and learning just came easy to them. They were sponges, I was not.

Growing up, I was not taught how to live and learn with my disability but how to lean on it. I was told many times that it was acceptable that I could not spell correctly nor do math, I was disabled. It was not until my sophomore year in high school that I was blessed with three awesome teachers. My Math, English and JROTC teachers. When I filled out my beginning of the year surveys, they all asked what I wanted to do after I got out of school. I always left it blank but, these three teachers showed me that I could do anything, as long as, I did not use my as a disability crutch.

When I went to my family and told them that I wanted to get my real estate license. I was told that I would not pass the math. I went back to my old high school and talked with my old teachers. Each of them told me the same thing; I needed to lose my crutch. So, I did. It was not easy, yet I went and passed the classes and got my license. I did pass both the math classes I needed to take.

This I believe, it doesn’t matter that sometimes when I write a “b” it looks like a “d”. As long as I do not look at my disability as a mainstay, it is merely a factor in my life. And Today I am in my second semester of college.