This I Believe

Siyun - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in knowledge, the power and wealth of knowledge.

Knowledge is power, this was what my father told tell me, this was what my uncles told me, and this was what my grandfather used to tell them when they were young. When I was young, I hated studying, and knowledge was worthless to me. I would have literally preferred a piece of candy over any kind of knowledge I could have in the whole world. I preferred spending time to play toys and games. However, as I grew up, when I began to understand more about life, I felt the existence of the power of knowledge or more so that knowledge is power.

When I was a small child, I always wondered how I could become as great as my dad. My dad was a great man. He cared for the family and was a responsible father who always taught me of important things and big reasons. He was a doctor, not a famous one but a diligent doctor who saved many lives, and therefore he was my idol. I always liked questioning my dad and letting him answer me with little stories and reasons. I first learned what knowledge is through him.

My dad told me many stories and reasons, but this one was definitely the most remarkable. One day, when I somehow got bored of playing toys, I sat on a sofa and chatted with my dad. I asked him of why he became a doctor. He answered me seriously. He told me that he wanted to save lives and to fight against diseases. It was a great pleasure for him to save other people. Then, when I questioned him of how he became a doctor, he told me a short history of him. My father went to college when he was fifteen, and in order to become a doctor he studied medicine. He showed me a book he once read during college. It was an enormous book and weighed as much as a brick. I was totally amazed on how he managed to read it; and then he revealed to me that he read several dozen medical books like that in size. He said to me that he would never be able to save lives if he did not read those books. He told me that knowledge is the power that helped him in saving hundreds or even thousands of lives. Although, I did not understand much of the content of what he said about medics or medicines, I understood one thing, and that was knowledge is power.

Later, when I went to my father’s hospital, I still saw pitiful patients. When I went on the streets, I still saw poor beggars begging for money. When I watched the news on television, I still saw people suffering from violent storms. At that moment, I deeply felt the urge for knowledge. I wanted to become as great as my father or even greater than he was. I believed in knowledge; and today I still believe that with knowledge I can change it all.