This I Believe

Adam - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe Essay

I haven’t lived a long time, however the most important advice that I can share with you is to never take anything for granted and to never close your eyes and ears; If you do, for that fraction of a second, you’ve missed your chance to expand your knowledge. I believe experience is the greatest teacher, and that everyone can learn from their mistakes.

Wisdom is underrated. It is measured from numerous failed attempts by a human being; it is ultimately accomplished through a life changing experience. Our founding fathers were not considered wise because of their IQ or popularity; they were wise because they took every opportunity to learn, with their understanding they created their innovation, through decades of experience. The Constitution of America was not spontaneously drafted, but written from precedent by other people’s unsuccessful attempts.

One of my best friend’s brother died recently, not only was this a time for grieving, but it was an experience to be learned from. Periods of strong emotion are the best opportunity to learn because not only do you understand your own thoughts, but you can witness the thoughts and feelings of others. Through their actions and body language, you can attribute their feelings to yourself where you can learn important life lessons. I know that my friend’s brother didn’t get a second chance to learn from his mistake, but everyone in the funeral procession did. From this heartbreaking experience, Joe taught me to never get behind the wheel of a car drunk.

When I hear people tell me, “I gave up” it makes me sick, because I know these people take what they have for granted; and I don’t believe that’s living a very fulfilling life. The words from my father still ring through my mind from when I was little, “If you do not succeed the first time, then try, try, and try again”. So don’t be afraid to ask for assistance or get back up after you fall. If you don’t give it your all or take your second chance, then you’ve wasted an opportunity to correct your faults and teach yourself something new. This is the reason why I never give up and I listen to the wise words of others, because experience is the greatest teacher. You should never stop trying to learn from your mistakes, this I believe.