This I Believe

dayshva - arlington, Virginia
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Do You Believe in Magic?

Sometimes unexplainable things happen; things that just do not make sense. And we wonder, is it magic? Is it destiny? Or is it just a product of our imagination or our subconsciousness trying to make something that is totally rational make no sense whatsoever? Many people, who believe in this thrilling yet unreal feeling, let things “just fall into place,” they think that their destiny is already set and they just have to live their lives according to this fate, that they believe, cannot be changed. In other words, they do not go out there and fight for what they want; instead, they just sit and wait. Wait for magic to happen.

These people live their lives as if everyday was just another page on the book of their existence; a book that has an ending which has already been written. I once met this woman who in her 30s, she was healthy and strong. She, however, was very indolent. She did not care about her problems, much less about the problems of other people, including her own family. Her husband ended up leaving her, alone. They thought that a woman so sluggish would never be able to take care of her own kids and her children ended up under their dad’s custody. How could she not have seen this coming? She did not do much; that was the problem. She did not even try to. She spent hours and hours on her office, working for a woman she absolutely despised. She never did anything for herself. She did not enjoy life. She had no life. She was empty. What had she been waiting for? “Magic,” she said, “I thought that everything would fall into place.” Sadly, it was too late when she realized that this “magic” did not exist.

On the other hand, I also knew this old lady who had nothing left but her ten cats and the will to enjoy life. She was always with a smile on her face and was known by the entire neighborhood. She was always up before anybody running around the park. Her daily routine involved as much physical activity as a 20 year-old’s did. We all knew she was too old to be doing this, yet we all watched in awe as she did not become older, but she became younger. Not physically, of course, but spiritually. She enjoyed every single second of her life and made everyone she met want to follow her example. She achieved more things in the last three years of her life than she had in the other 85 years. She died at the age of 88. She had written marvelous books, beautiful songs and stunning poems. She had learned to speak French. She had visited every single continent in this earth, including Antarctica. She had enjoyed life. She had created her own destiny.

These two different events made me think about this “magic” many people believe in. I, however, believe that we only get one life and that we should live it to the fullest. I believe we should not waist a minute of our day, of your month, of our year, of our life. I believe that anything and everything is possible if we work to achieve what we want. Life is full of surprises; results of actions we make, of things we do. I believe that nothing will ever happen if we just wait…wait for “magic” to happen. Enjoying life should be our priority, This I believe.