This I Believe

Christian - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

There is little individuality in our time, this, I believe. I can quite clearly remember a conversation back home in Maine, I asked a girl in my class, “Why do you only wear brand name clothing?” Her answer made no sense at all, if one is to think about it. “Because I am being me, I’m being an individual,” was all she said. It sickens me to listen to blatant falsehoods, and is not the idea of individualism the greatest one of all?

So to be an individual, she bought clothing that every one else wore, that is mass produced to reach the greatest number of customers with their over-priced items branded with a company name and logo and shipped out to their many stores. She looked no different than her friends, clothing wise, in fact, she looked little different than most other persons in the school. “American Eagle,” “Hollister,” and other such big name companies, how often does someone go into the world without logos emblazoned on their chest. And to go with it, why not be an individual and watch the most popular TV shows?

It gets even worse when people pretend they are being counter-culture by behaving in the opposite manner that these folks I have specified behave, thus proclaiming their individuality. But they simply join the other masses of ‘counter-culture.’ That famous quote from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, “Let’s be independent together!” Is not some silly line in a movie, it is the illogical thought process of a depressingly large amount of people.

It goes further, each person throughout the world, and the United States in particular, is generally reduced to relying on others for nearly everything. What person within Arlington raises their own food, makes his own cupboards, sews her own clothes? With the growing tentacles of socialism spreading evermore into our lives, it becomes even more apparent that we are no longer ourselves, “Can’t get a job? We’ll give you money to fulfill your monetary needs!” Where do people shop? The same place as most others, the large supermarkets and brand stores spread throughout the country, much like cancer.

In fact, the epitome of mass-based decisions and production is a democracy like that which we run. These self-proclaimed individuals are simply percentage points and little dots when it comes to voting, if one really needs individuality, join me in the monarchist party.

Despite the universal protest I have and might still received for such an opinion, I do believe it is clear, there is little individuality any longer, this, I believe.