This I Believe

Bennett - hot springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

I believe…

I believe in true character in sports. I believe that sports define an athlete’s character. Sports can show how and athlete should and shouldn’t act. From my experiences I have acted like how I should and how I shouldn’t on the field of play.

To quote the infamous UCLA men’s basketball coach, John Wooden “The true athlete should have character, not be a character.” I believe that this statement is the foundation of my essay. When and athlete participates in sports there are many challenges to overcome. I personally have overcome my opponent, the weather, my physical ability and the desire to win and over come all the momentum swings during sports. One event that sticks in my mind that I think made me turn my attitude around while playing sports was about five years ago. When I was in the 6th grade my YMCA football team was coming off an undefeated season and we were play8ing for the league championship. The game was tied until the 4th quarter when I was given the ball on the two yard line and as I crossed the goal line and I thought I had scored, a kid hit me late causing me to fumble the ball. I was ecstatic, I am a competitor and I acted out of line when I began arguing with the official. Then shortly the other team scored on another very “questionable” call and won the championship.

Now that I look back I realize that the game didn’t mean as much as I made it out to be at the time. The next year we beat the same team in the championship thirty-five to seven. The victory was good, but I made it a personal goal not to loose my temper on the field. Regardless of the outcome of the event an athlete should always keep his/her cool. The next year I kept my cool and I felt that I had regained my character back. When an athlete acts out of line its not easy task to regain the respect, the only way to regain character is to show composure on the field and show you have changed your ways. This may be one of the hardest tasks and athlete faces because it’s so easy some times to loose your cool but harder to hold our tongue.

If any sports spectator wants to really know what kind of character a good athlete has, just find that person at its lowest athletic achievements’. If that person is sulking and not doing anything about the problem then they’re character is not strong. “What happens in sports is 10% of your career and 90% of your career depends on how you respond to those obstacles.” Lou Holtz. A true athlete will always stay positive and never give up no matter how big the task ahead is.