This I Believe

Elizabeth - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: love

Young Love Exclusion

“You’re not old enough to even know what the word ‘love’ means.” I get tired of hearing adults tell teenagers that same statement. They don’t know how we feel (me being a teenager). I believe you don’t have to be an adult to fall in love.

I know many teenagers who have experienced love. Not “I think I’m in love,” but real love. I’m sixteen years old, and I have experienced love first hand. At one time I was in a really good relationship, and I thought he was the best thing ever. Before we were together, I had admired him afar for so long. We talked every now and then, but he made me so nervous I couldn’t be around him for too long. One day we talked and found out that we both liked each other, and my wish came true! He was the best person I had ever been with in my life. The way he walked, talked, and respected me, he was so perfect! As the relationship grew I fell in love, and it was mutual. And no we weren’t having sex, and he never cheated on me. Love was possible, and I wasn’t an adult.

Many times I look back into the past. My grandparents are a great symbol of young love. My grandparents fell in love at a young age, and married at the age of sixteen. They are now eighty years old and have ten children. They are still very much in love, and have a great life. If love was possible at a young age back then, why can’t it be now? I mean look at this for a moment. Young marriage was the “norm” back then. If I were living then at my age now, I would probably be married with children, and on my own. Although I would not wish that on myself now, it shows that young love should not be looked down upon, or shown as ignorant. I’m not saying just because a young person is in love, they need to get married or have kids; I just believe that adolescent love is indeed possible.

Love is a feeling not acquired by age, but by the connection between two people. It is not anybody’s place to tell someone how they should or shouldn’t feel: only the person who is in that position knows how they truly feel.