This I Believe

Ross - Hot Springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe that if you work hard then you will achieve your goals. The only person that can hold you back is yourself. So if you always do your best you will get were you want to go.

Since a very young age my parents have told me to work hard in every thing I do. So I have applied that belief to everything I do in my life. From school to swimming, I try my very best. This belief has help me become on of the top swimmers in the state and obtain A’s and B’s in school for the most part. Every time I am in the pool or in the classroom I try my very best.

I have been swimming for about four years. I swim for both my high school team and a USA league team. I try to get around 15 hours of pool time and 5 hours of dry land work outs. Swimming is a huge part of my life and this belief has helped me become on of the top swimmers in the state.

I practice at three mornings a week for two hours form my high school swim team. I get up at four thirty so I can be in the pool by five. I am so tired at morning workouts I pray that I don’t fall asleep in the pool and drown. In the mornings I swim about 2,000 meters and also do dry land workouts. I also workout after school from four to seven for the YMCA seals. For two hours I swim and do a verity of workouts. Then I lift weight and run for one hour.

At competing I tend to do very well. Currently I am 3rd in the state at the 100 yard breast stroke, and 7th in the 100 yard butterfly. Every year I attend state meets and sectionals (or regional) meets. At sectionals I place 27th in the 100 yard breast stroke out of six states.

The belief that if you work hard you will achieve you goals has helped me in my life a lot. Every where form school to sports. My goal is attend a division one college on a swimming scholarship. This belief is making this dream very possible.