This I Believe

lee - hot springs, Arkansas
Entered on October 11, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: work

Talent is not everything

People tell me that life is made up of mostly talent, but to me life is made up of will. Life does take talent, but in the long run more is required of you.

Growing up the daughter of an ex-bareback rider; I’ve learned from listing to him and his friends. They have made it further with their will and determination than on their talent. I know I have talent in everything I do; some areas more than others. But, determination and will has made up the rest. I have always been told to try hard and you will do fine by many of people. I believe that statement and I hope my little sister will maybe someday see life the way I do.

Growing up in a rodeo family, my dad rodeoed form the time he was a kid all the way through college. He had talent, but he also had to work at it all the time. His friends tell me that whenever he had time, he was practicing. I, on the other hand, would like to believe that I have more talent in rodeoing than my dad did. I also work just as hard at it. Even though my dad was not good at basketball, he continued to play and never gave up.

There are many youth in sports that have talent, but don’t have the drive to practice and become that much better. My sister is one of those teenagers. I can coach her in rodeoing to be better, but she has to want the determination to be at her very best and the will to go get it. There are so many youth that do not even want to try hard. It is so irritating that they do not even want to try. The good thing about my dad is he has taught my sister and I to know we are good at what we do, but we do not need to brag about it.

Talent is a major ingredient in life and its challenges; however determination and will need to be included to be successful. I know I have talent, but I also have the determination and will that makes me better in all aspects of life. I challenge you to look around your neighborhood, school and work and see if the people you know have talent, determination, and will like I do.