This I Believe

Jon - Wichita, Kansas
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

As a child I would listen to my mother’s stories about her childhood and picture each scene as she told the story. It didn’t matter if I had heard the story a hundred times before or if it was the first time I was hearing it,

I listened intently. One minute I was going on vacation with her, and then I was back to reality as I interrupted to ask her a question.

I can recall a story about her grandfather who was living with them and how he would take long walks. Sometimes he would make a kite and take the kite with him. When he returned he would not have the kite. She said that she had always wondered what he did with the kite. I listened as she retold the story through the eyes of a ten year old, wishing he would have made her a kite or spent some time with her flying it.

My mother has always kept a diary. Sometimes I would read her diary for a particular day and the memories would come back to life as if they had only happened yesterday, or the page before or the page before that. It is not so much a diary as it is a log of her life. She has a belief, “Never write anything in your diary that you wouldn’t want anyone else to read”. Even though it is her diary, it is for all to read.

I have long since moved away to another state away from my mother. We still chat over the phone and she has even learned to email, although emails don’t quite stir up the old memory wheel like a good story. It has been a long time since I have read one of her diaries, but, not very long time since I have thought about some of the stories that she told me.

I believe that you should keep a diary to share with others and not just yourself. After all, life is not only about

you, it is about other things: vacations, kites, stories about relatives, and your sister’s broken arm. Life is about the time that you spend with others and not the time that you spend alone writing in a book, so no one else can read it. So, share your stories and your life.

This I believe.