This I Believe

Theresa - eden prairie, Minnesota
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

The smell of hairspray and sweat, makeup and costume jewelry, all remind me of one thing. Since I was little there has been one firm belief I have always held on to, dance. Whatever has gone on in my life I could let go of when I went to the studio to perform. When I first started I remember loving the way it felt as I twirled carelessly around the room. As I grew up, it became an outlet for expression, and feeling, a place unlike any where else. There was no time when I felt more comfortable, more alive then when I was dancing. My favorite was always lyrical; it was the kind that was the most expressive. Given the right song and routine you could bring tears to the eyes even of your teacher who had choreographed it. The passion that was brought to this sport was unlike any other. It is the only thing of its kind. It is the only thing I have ever done that has made me enjoy pushing my body. Stretching, twisting and working my body was creative and fun in dance. And being able to express every thought and feeling I have ever had in movement is the best experience. Anytime I have a hard day, I can go in my garage, put on a song, and dance it out of me. I come out with a clear head and a new view on situations. I don’t think my life would be quite the same without it. With a family filled of boys, hockey rinks, and rap music, it was nice to have something that was girly. It was finally somewhere with girls, girls who loved what I loved, and girls with whom I formed a bond that will never be broken. Some of my best friends to this day are from all over, met through dance. Whether it was someone you normally would befriend or not, it was easy to be friends when you realize you both have the same passion for dance. It is a place to express, make friendships, let yourself go, and get a great body, what more can you want? For me, it is the one thing, in the world; I will never change my belief in. Even a year after having to quit my expressive outlet due to medical issues, I continue to dance. And I continue to believe in it and in the passion it brings to the people who are lucky enough to realize the value of dance.