This I Believe

Abigail - Dallas, Texas
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

What is a belief? What does anyone believe in? Does any of it mean anything? Everyone believes in different things. Beliefs can mean different things to different people. Two people may believe in God, but their definition of who God is may vary greatly. The point is, they both believe. I believe everyone needs a belief in their life. Without something to believe in, you have no purpose in life. You wander around aimlessly, believing in nothing. You can do nothing, because you do not believe in anything.

So what should you believe in? Anything. Everything. Something. Believe in whatever you want, so long as you truly believe in it. Believe there is a God. Believe you make your own destiny. Believe in something that makes you happy. Believe in love. Even thought other people may not believe these things, you can. People who have beliefs are more successful, because they know what they find important, what they cherish in life. They can accomplish their goals. They are not wishy-washy; they are set in their beliefs.

Some people need a reason to believe. Others believe just because they can. It does not matter why you believe in something. It is the same to believe the sky is blue because someone tells you it is, and to believe it is blue because you can see it with your own eyes. In both cases, you still believe the sky is blue. Once you believe in something, you can defend your beliefs. You know you believe in something, and that gives you a purpose in life. Find something to believe in. Once you find it, you believe can help you your whole life. Even when everything’s going bad, you can still believe in that thing and it will give you hope. When things are going good, you still believe so that your life keeps going good.

My beliefs helped me through a hard time recently. The death of my great-grandmother was hard on me. She was the first person I was really close to that had ever died. My belief in God, combined with my knowledge of her belief in Him, helped me to get over her death and accept it. I believe that she is now right where she wanted to be – with her husband, in Heaven. I know that without my belief, I would not have been able to accept her death so easily.

Think you don’t need a belief? Think again. Everyone needs one. You are not the exception. You are no different than anyone in this aspect. Without beliefs, you can accomplish nothing. With them, you can accomplish anything you want. You just have to believe hard enough.