This I Believe

Daryl - Anchorage, Alaska
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe, that when I became a parent I signed a life contract with my children. I will be there for them in every way possible, even when uninvited, and most importantly when I am invited. One should never over look the opportunity to be involved and yet remain in the background as support..

Although I have gained some wisdom in my life it is not worth much to them, as they need to make their own mistakes and face their own consequences, even if they would have not only asked for advise, but had taken it when given and put it into practice. Their life might have been so much simpler.

We are all united as one family even if divorce, indifference to one another or just dislike for each other has caused the demise of the traditional family unit. It is impossible to foretell the future or we might not be where we are right now. It could be worse or better, it is one of the great unknowns of life. Yet we are a family in the bigger scope of life.

Being and “in-law” isn’t an easy thing to be. It is more like being an “out-law”, without the black hat. It is a strange connect because you love a person in common and that tread could be a under a little tension at times. There needs to be an agreement that you are a parent of the spouse and the common tread is that loved one, so work it out or let is ride.

Dad. Being “dad” has been one of my life’s greatest adventures. Being a dad is more than being a sperm donor, it is being involved with the future development of another human being, your child, your future, the future’s future.

Being a parent isn’t always easy. There are disappointments, surprises, grief, worry, but also celebration and happiness without measure. I attempt to approach each day with the wide eye enthusiasm of a young child watching a butterfly fly or a snowflake fall. This includes watching my children grow and mature.

I live with the hope that being a parent, and holding dearly to that life contract which I have forge, built on love, understanding a commitment, that contract will last forever and I will have had a positive impact in their lives.