This I Believe

Courtney - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I leap off the bus, run home as fast as my little legs will carry me, run in the door and scream, “MOM! I’m home.” I search the house to find her because after a long hard day, what I look forward to most is running home into my mother’s arms. This has been true since day one. She is always happy with a smile and loving arms to embrace. I love to feel the warmth of her body and listen to her whisper in my ear, “Everything’s going to be O.K. sweetie, now tell me about your day.” She always knows how to take care of me and help me handle my situations. She never ceases to amaze me. I believe in mothers that are heroes.

Ever since I was a young girl I have always been called a “Mama’s Girl.” My mom and I get along like two peas in a pod. It’s actually quite amazing how well we are able to bond. We have spent uncountable moments together, and I have enjoyed every single one of them. I will never forget our monthly shopping sprees (I looked forward to those days so much)! Everyone always comments on how we are so much like: both having bubbly personalities, and being very friendly. I resemble my mother in many ways.

Growing up in this home that my parents have provided for me, I have been taught some key lessons in life. Most importantly, my mother and father raised me up in a Christian home; attending church and youth group every Sunday. Like many girls I also was involved in GEMS. Jesus is always number one in my house, and my mom most definitely emphasized that in all that she said or did. For example: She teaches Sunday school, and brings me along to help her out every now and then.

My mother has taught me adequacy. Always to say please and thank you: Manners are very important! She always pushes me to do my best, and makes me strive for my goals. “Nothing is impossible Courtney, NOTHING!” she always tells me. She has challenged me to step out of my shoes and do something out of the ordinary. I can honestly say that thanks to her, I have become more athletically skilled, academically skilled, and in general a better person.

My mother is my true best friend. Like a devotional book said, “A mother is the one that is still there when everyone has deserted you.” No matter what I do I know that my mother will be there for me. One day in middle school I remember I had spent the entire day alone, crying as if I had no friends. When I came home my mother was there to comfort me and be my best friend forever! No matter how many mistakes I make or how many arguments I get into I am aware that my mother is waiting for me with open arms. She does everything she can to make me, my younger brother, and my dad happy. She does everything in her power to be the best mother and husband a family could ever wish for. This is very evident in the way she goes about her everyday life. She treats every single day as a gift, and treasures it.

She has raised two beautiful children, married a fantastic husband, gone through struggles in her life no one wants to deal with, and so much more, and still I wonder how she does it all. I look at my mother and think to myself, “Wow, that’s what I want to be when I grow up.” She has given me a wonderful life, and I can truly say I could not ask for more. She is a not only a role-model of a wonderful mother, but a role-model of Jesus Christ. All that I am or ever hope to become I owe to my mother, Sherri. I believe in heroes, heroes that are mothers.