I Believe That Children Should Be Given a Choice

Jennifer - Western Springs, Illinois
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that children should be given a choice because it is their lives not someone else’s. And from experience I know that it is completely unfair to have no control of your life.

When I was 14, I had my whole life planned out- I was moving in with my dad, step-mom, brothers, and sister in Arizona, going to high school and then going to college just as my older brother and sister had. The year before my freshman year I studied everyday for the entrance exams, and the whole summer before my freshmen year I planned, read all the books I had to read for summer reading, got all my school uniforms and started to pack up my things.

The day of August 17, 2006 was supposed to be the best of my life- I was supposed to be moving that day, but was instead it was the worst. The judge’s verdict was coming that day and since both my brother and sister had moved at around the same age so everyone figured I would be going too. My lawyer called me at around four o’clock that afternoon and told me the worst thing she could possibly could- that I was going to have to live with my mom instead of my dad.

At first I just stood still waiting to wake up from the nightmare. I then realized it was not a nightmare and that it was real life. When I came back to reality I threw my phone as hard as I could against the wall and I began to break everything in sight. That thirty second conversation ripped my whole world apart.

For days I just laid on my floor trying to comprehend the reality of everything. I could not believe that my life was not going to be what I had planned. It all just seemed so surreal that I would not be going to the high school I had dreamed about since fifth grade, I would not be living with my dad, I would be staying in Illinois with my mom. To tell you the truth, I still have trouble comprehending the whole thing.

My entire freshmen year I was completely dumbfounded that I wasn’t living with my dad in Arizona, it really affected every aspect of my life. I did not do very well in school because I did not have the motivation to do well somewhere I didn’t want to be.

So therefore, I believe that children should be given a choice because no judge should be given the power to dictate that big of a decision in a child’s life.