This I Believe

Celeste - seattle, Washington
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

This I believe

I believe in failure. I believe we learn from it, and that it makes us stronger. When you fail try try again. I don’t believe in failing, I do believe we can learn from it. I believe we can look at it in a different way. See a different part of it and that overall, overcoming failure can make us a stronger, more powerful, more optimistic person.

I have phonemic awareness. It is similar to auditory dyslexia. It’s a disability that affects your spelling, reading, writing and ability to sound out words. In elementary school I struggled with this often. I would fail spelling tests, I would receive bad grades on papers and I was one of the last ones to learn how to read in my class. I have always been creative and I have always had well thought out Ideas. But I always felt so dumb. I was constantly failing. It seemed like nothing came easy to me, like it did to all my friends. This was hard for me, I lacked self confidence and motivation but this all turned around.

I went to a great middle school that honored the idea more then the mechanics of how things were spelled. With help from this school I learned I was smarter then I thought. Not only by just looking at my grades, but by the way I looked at things. I started talking pride in my work and now have the confidence I needed. I started looking at this “failure” as something I was proud to overcome.

I still have problems with my disability. It still affects me often in school. But now I don’t look at it as a problem that sets me back anymore. I look at it as something to overcome. Having this disability has made me a less judgmental person. When I see other people who are have unseen struggles as I do I don’t judge them, I understand their situation.

Struggles in the past can be turn around. So whether you have a disability or feel as if you fail sometimes. With the right help and motivation it can really turn around. I believe any one can succeed and that everyone should have access to the help if they need it. I believe that failing makes us stronger.