I believe no person is less.

Kelly - Coal Valley, Illinois
Entered on October 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I am not speaking of equality of races or gender; there are already enough articles on those subjects. I am speaking of the kids I have observed over the years when in high school and how they are treated based on their looks, clothes, and popularity status, when, in reality, they are no different. Society raises people to believe that all of these mindless traits are important. I believe that it does not matter how a person looks or how many friends a person has; I believe no person is less only because they live differently.

In society today, if a person is not born with the advantage of being beautiful, the person will live a miserable life. If someone cannot afford $90 pants with holes already cut in them then the person is not good enough, and if the person doesn’t have at least 10 friends in each class then the person is a loser. This, to me, is absurd.

I believe this concept is untrue for a few reasons. The first and most important reason is I was that unimportant kid in the back of the class with old clothes and no friends. Growing up, I did not have the advantage of receiving brand new clothes and keeping up on all the latest trends. I was viewed differently while inside I never felt different. After my brothers had graduated and left the house, my mother had money and I could get the nice clothes, but chose not to. By then, looking perfect was not important to me. Besides, I did not want to end up like the people that had brought me down through-out the years. Eventually, though, I realized it doesn’t matter what I wear because clothes would not change who I am. I began wearing the nice clothes that I could afford and I have not changed. Instead, I have a view into the life of the not so fortunate kids and therefore do not treat them any differently. I know part of them feels different, but don’t want to be treated so. The other reason I believe that no person is less is my mother. My mother has always brought my brothers and me up to believe in people, not money and that there aren’t any “types of people,” each and every person is different and has unique qualities about them.

Society teaches us that looks are everything. We are brainwashed with the mindless propaganda we view everyday. What people don’t seem to realize is that looks diminish over time. What is important is what a person did and what has been accomplished. The “loser with the old, tattered clothing sitting in the back of the class isn’t less than anyone else. Just because a person has new clothes and expensive hair cuts doesn’t mean the person is more than anyone else. I believe that everyone is the equal regardless of their appearance or status in society.