Unexpected Blessings

Kristen - Rockford, Illinois
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

My husband and I have always worked six or seven days a week to make ends meet. We have three children ranging from 17-20 years of age. We have gladly sacrificed for them all their lives. When my daughter was 18 she met a man we would not allow into our lives so she decided to go live her life away from our family. It was heartbreaking but I had no choice but to let her go. My mother always said, “Life isn’t fair and nobody ever promised that it will be.” I have had many reasons in life to believe this but I also believe that nothing is more important than Faith, family and true friends. Both of these things rang out loud and clear when I had a brain aneurysm rupture last July. The pain and agony were excruciating and the fear and stress were tremendous. It wasn’t fair. I was told by more than one doctor that I had the worse shaped aneurysm possible. How could this be happening? My children still needed a mother. My husband is self employed and it was a huge financial strain for him to be by my side. It wasn’t fair that so many people were affected by one event.

I had a 10 hour brain surgery. Amazingly my recovery went along much faster than anyone anticipated. My family and friends were right by my side. My daughter, who had not been very involved with our family for the previous year became my chauffeur, errand runner, cook, house cleaner and comical partner. Family and friends gave my husband and children gas cards so they could visit me at the hospital 1 ½ hours away and brought dinner to the house. Besides the blessing of survival I received so much more. One month from the day of my surgery I was able to ride along to take my middle child to college. I have always believed this would be my right since I have worked so hard to get him there. Now I realize what a gift it is as well.

My in-laws planned a benefit to help offset living and medical expenses. I was totally blown away between the time and effort involved and the thousands of dollars in donations. It is overwhelming that perfect strangers would be so generous and kind.

The illness unfairly took security away from my life but gave me so much more. I can not put into words how much Faith, love and support will make the unfairness in life seem bearable. Now I must work hard at paying it forward.