Mankinds Children

Charles - Indian Head, Maryland
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: 65+

Man has had more than enough time to realize, recognize and acknowledge by thoughtful action to protect not only for the member of his own family but also children who are destitute of choice and powerless to affect peacful change in their own young lives.

Man is an equal partner bringing all children into the world and must stop using them to accomplish his own misguided ego goals as a sacrfice to his gods of greed, power and control.

A child’s selfworth develops as they continue to grow and resides inside their minds to be used later for conflict resolution, important or critical decisions and to have the capacity to make the most reasonable choice when there is more than one that can be chosen’

National leaders who live for today, for themselves and most important sacrifice their nation’s future by denying their young are selfish fools. Every child’s mind is fertile ground waiting for the seeds to be planted and in time to harvest their thoughts of significance.

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