Juliana - denver, Colorado
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

Everyday I walk in the halls of George Washington High School. Trash every where. People getting up off the floor leaving cans, bottles, plates, cups and bags. When there’s a trash can right next to them.

Littering is something everyone does. Once in your life you litter and you won’t notice it at all. Even if you’re a kid leaving your dirty pull-up on the floor. Most people drive in their cars and throw trash out their window. We all confess everyone has done it before, but now everyone needs to make a change and try to keep it clean and throw away their trash when needed. People are so lazy now days they just don’t care where they throw there dirty trash. Also at GWHS in the bathrooms all the paper towels and tissue are thrown by the trash can like they throw it and don’t make it they don’t pick it up.

Now, let’s talk more of outside. Lakes, Rivers, oceans, and seas are being polluted McDonalds, Taco bell, and Chipolte ect. Trash thrown into the water or any trash people get even from stores just every where. This should stop because it kills the innocent animals that live in the water. All the Dolphins, fish, sharks, whales and of course there’s more. People need to think of the animals not only themselves, also that goes back to the laziness of people. I have to give credit to all the ones who care and help pick up after themselves and after other people. Give thanks to them.

Last but not least, Most of the trash is out side on the streets, in parking lots, all around the world. Trash thrown every where, When walking down the streets, Driving, and or by flying sometimes. Think of the world and common sense, Trash also makes pollution so think of the air you breathe. Think of all the asthmatics in the world because of the pollution/littering. We the world needs to step up to the people who are lazy and get them to pick up there trash. We love living so why throw it away just for being lazy. So all of us stand up and pick trash up so it will not only make us healthier but it will make the world healthier. So let’s make it happen.

In conclusion people can help to clean up and help the world become a better and smarter place so we can prove to the world we are better and smarter! Help the world and help yourself…