This I Believe

DeVen - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Family: n, pl. –lies abbr. fam: 1a A fundamental social group in society typically consisting of a social group in society typically consisting of a man and woman and their off springs.

According to the dictionary that is one of many definitions to the word family, but I believe there is much more to it. To me a family is one that goes through trials and tribulations that may cause the family to split, but instead they grow off of that and learn to love and appreciate each other more.

Now every family has their own problems and deal with things in their own ways. An example would be families who suffered from the 9/11 incident or families who were victims of Hurricane Katrina. All those families had different situations that were tragic and many them dealt with the pain and suffering in different ways. But you also have families whose situation aren’t that drastic, some people may just have issues that lie within the household things that are more secretive. That the people looking in would never think that this family had any kind of problems. I happen to be one of those people.

I live in Aurora, Colorado, its quiet, has a very nice neighborhood, and my house is great. You would never know by looking at me or my house that I come from a family full of drug users, drug dealers, liars, thieves, and anything else bad that you could think of. But I guess some would say that is typical for an African- American family. In my house hold there are 12 people, and at one point there were more. In my house it is never just me and my family, we are always taking in other people from my family like my aunts, cousins, and uncles. They all come and live with us for different reasons, but most of the time it is one reason the same reason, they got evicted and couldn’t pay the rent or they wouldn’t pay it. I never in my life thought that would happen to me, but like they say never say never. During the middle of my freshman year we had to leave my house, the one place I called home, my memories. We had to go because we couldn’t pay the mortgage anymore the income wasn’t as steady as it should have been. We could have but like I said my family is full of drug users. We couldn’t afford a new house right then so we move into some apartments. We needed three separate apartment rooms to fit us all. But we pulled through that and now live in a six bedroom house. We came to appreciate the word home and family more.

I love my family even if they aren’t the best people in world. They show me what I should or shouldn’t do. They show me people who I don’t and who I should bring into my life. We’ve gone through a lot but we still keep moving forward to keep our family strong. That is exactly what I believe a family should do, grow off of each others rights and wrongs and always be there for each other.