This I Believe

Kristine - Orland Park, Illinois
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: purpose, setbacks

Everything happens for a reason…

I believe that in life everything happens for a reason. All the amazing times and all the horrible times. Whether it be going through a string of bad boyfriends and finally finding a great one or losing someone very special to you. They all have a purpose in your life.

I believe that all that you go through in life teaches you a lesson. From being in a lot of stupid and bad relationships, I’ve learned that majority of guys are jerks and to not rush into a relationship just because you want one, but to wait for that special person to come around. After being with a few bad guys, I decided to stay single for awhile and not search for a boyfriend and what do you know I met the amazing guy I’m with now. So, I guess you could say I learned that patience is a virtue.

Also, with the death of my great grandmother coming soon, I have realized many things. For one, to not take things for granted. When I was really young, my grandma took care of me a lot and we were extremely close. She played huge role in the person I turned out to be today. As I got older and busier with schoolwork and friends I rarely saw her. Then when I would see her on big holidays or infrequent visits, I would always feel bad for not seeing her and would promise to come see her more, as she was getting older and weaker. Although, I didn’t fulfill those promises. And now that she is in her last couple days I almost hate myself for not going to see her and repaying her for all that she done for me.

I believe that everything that happens to you makes you stronger. In being with my boyfriend now, I have learned how I deserve to be treated and I should never settle for any less. And with my grandma, it is helping me realize that life is short and in the end we all are going to die. The death of my grandma is the first death that I have actually gone through that was someone I was extremely close to. Her death also, I believe, is going to help me be stronger in the future for when my other grandparents and other loved ones die.

I believe that all that you go through helps realize who your close friends are and who really cares. When I was going through rough “boy times” in high school I realized a lot about my friends. I learned which friends were always there for me and who were more than willingly to help me and I learned which friends were just “party” friends and actually didn’t give two shits if I was upset over things beside what to wear at night. And now, with having to go through hard times with my grandma I know which friends from home that are always going to be there for me, despite us going off to college and never seeing each other. Just last night I needed someone to talk to and my friend, Maria, who now goes to Michigan, was there for me 100% and made me feel so much better.

I believe in life everything happens for a reason. Everything we go through has a purpose and we should cherish all the ups and downs, because they shape who we turn out to be in the future.