The Real Heroes

Joanna - Cassopolis, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I think the word hero today is over used on a daily basis. The word hero is used when you give some advice or do someone a favor. The word hero is commonly used for celebrites and althetic icons. My peers use the word hero if a quarterback makes a winning throw for the football team. The word hero means too much to me to be so unoriginal and misused.

To me the word hero means superheroe. Just writing the word makes me want to find justice or look to the bright light of hope. Heroes are people with special abilties but also have human flaws. I look to the good heroes with ironclad values. I get excited and intrigued by the evil and clever minded heroes. There are heroes who are in the middle. They are dealing with emotional, family, and appearence problems. I give these heroes my pity and encouragement.

What do superheroes mean to me? Every time I have problems, need advice, or just bored I look to my superheroes. I retreat to my large collection of comic books, graphic novels, or my dvd selecton of the teenage life of Superman also known as “Smallville”. This may be corny but discovering information from my superheroes does help me make some important decisions.

I have learned from my superheroes to be myself. I have also learned being yourself can be difficult. The problem with the evil heroes is that they can’t deal with their issues or are too weak to face them. Another lesson from superheroes is that if you find the right people you can count on them for life.

Some of my favorite superheroes are the Xmen, Superman, Batman, and Spiderman. I know I like all of the origanls. I love the Xmen because of their variety of superpowers.Also because of their emotional human flaws. I know Superman is pretty much perfect but thats why I love him. I also love how you can relate to him so easily. I love Batman because he is one of the only superheroes without any special abilities. Spiderman is awesome because of his close age to me and his sense of humor.

I obviously love superheroes and everything about them. The greatest thing about superheroes is that there is one for every single person out there. As a 16 year old girl in highschool, I have a favorite. My favorite is of course Superman. Superheroes are such a huge world that one can fit any profile. According to a favorite gender, appearance, or superpower. There are no questions about where they stand on issues. Their values are so strong and define who they are. What I find amazing is that even the evil characters are interesting. Another personal reason I learn from superheroes is the basic rule of superhero code. You must never stop trying or give up.