Fulfilling Life’s Purpose

Emily - Dowagiac, Michigan
Entered on October 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: death, family, purpose

       Do you believe that everyone is put on this Earth for a reason?  I do, thanks to my cousin Megan.  She is one of the most genuine people I’ve ever met.  At 18 she was a gorgeous and intelligent girl that seemed like she had everything going for her.  Really though, she was in pain.  Suffering from depression since the age of 13, Megan went through many rough times in her life.  In February 2007, after the loss of a close friend to suicide the previous year, Megan’s depression went downhill.  She too, attempted to take her own life.  Thankfully, God let her survive.  She knew that this was her time to take what she had learned from this tragic experience and share it with those going through the same thing.  Throughout the next few months, she still had her bad days.  Even though the bad days probably outnumbered the good, the good days kept her going.  Unfortunately that is, until July 31st.  That’s where Megan’s story ends and mine begins.

     The night of July 31st was just like any other summer night, or so I thought.  I was at home when the phone rang once, then stopped.  A few minutes later the phone rang again, but stopped just as it had before. For the third time, the phone rang within a couple minutes of the last call.  As I had come to find out as I answered, it was my Uncle Mike (Megan‘s dad) the whole time, trying to pull himself together.  He asked to talk to my mom, so I handed over the phone and sat beside her while she talked so I might be able to hear what was going on.  I had this feeling, like I knew what had happened.  After my mom had finished her conversation, she told me that Megan had took her life.  That was exactly what my feeling was.  As horrible as this news was to me, I didn’t cry right then.  It was like it didn’t register in my brain, because I didn’t want to believe it.  Within the next month, it finally sunk in and I broke down.  I’m in no way accepting the fact that she’s gone, but now realize that she’s in a better place.  Megan’s now without all of her worries and problems that she dealt with here, and is finally happy.

     One of the things Megan has taught me that I truly believe in is that we’re all put on this Earth, no matter for how long, with a purpose.  Her purpose, I think, being to spread the word about suicide prevention and depression awareness and to remind those people that they are never alone.  I now feel it is my job, as well as everyone else that was close to Megan, to pick up where she left off.  Even now, Megan McManus is an inspiration to me everyday, and if my purpose in life is to make her proud, I sure hope I do.